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    Switchboard Upgrades and Repairs

    Switchboards, also known as fuse boxes, are where all your electricity in your home is distributed from. Your power from the street will come into your switchboard and then distribute out to all your lights, powerpoints and appliances etc.

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    The Importance of a High Quality Switchboard

    Having a high quality switchboard is imperative. Older switchboards tend to have fuses, which when there is too much power drawn, they blow. And this means you will need to replace the whole fuse. This can take a while for the fuse wire to burn out and can be a fire hazard.

    With a modern switchboard, we install safety switches and circuit breakers. So if there is too much power drawn, the circuit breaker will detect it and automatically switch off, protecting the cable from overheating.

    Our team of highly trained local electricians provide and install reliable switchboards across Melbourne.

    Emergency Repairs, Day or Night!

    We understand that if your switchboard is not working properly, nothing else will work properly! So if you happen to have a problem with your switchboard, power or lights in your home whether it’s day or night, don’t stress! We are open 24/7 and with our emergency rapid response plan, one of our friendly electricians will be there within 3 hours of your enquiry to help sort it out.

    Is your switchboard old or unsafe? Are you having problems with fuses blowing or circuit breakers and safety switches tripping? Our friendly electricians are always available to help you from across Melbourne.

    When Should You Schedule a Switchboard Upgrade in Melbourne?

    Scheduling a switchboard upgrade is crucial when you notice frequent electrical issues such as circuit breakers tripping, fuses blowing often, or if your current switchboard lacks safety switches. 

    Additionally, if you live in an older home with outdated electrical systems or are planning to increase your power usage with new appliances or renovations, it’s time to consider an upgrade. 

    Modern switchboards enhance safety, accommodate higher electrical loads, and protect your residential/commercial spaces against electrical hazards. Upgrading your switchboard is a safety measure and a proactive step towards ensuring your home’s electrical system can handle current and future demands efficiently.

    Why Choose Us?


    24/7 Support

    You can call us day or night for a switchboard upgrade.


    Tailored Solutions

    We offer innovative solutions well suited to your specific needs.


    Trust Guarantee

    You can rest assured, our electricians are licensed & undergo police checks.


    Clean-Up After Job

    After our work is done, your space will be thoroughly cleaned.

    We Are Your Nearest Electricians in Melbourne!

    Being accessible electricians in Melbourne, we are always just a call away. Our team of skilled professionals is strategically located throughout the city, ensuring rapid response and reliable service to every suburb. 

    Our proximity means we can offer prompt, efficient service tailored to your needs when you need a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne. With Lexity, you’re not just getting expert services; you’re gaining a nearby, trusted partner committed to ensuring your home’s electrical safety and efficiency.

    Future-Proof Your Home with Lexity

    Ensuring your home’s electrical system can keep up is crucial. Lexity offers switchboard upgrades designed to future-proof your home, adapting seamlessly to upcoming technological advances and increased electrical demands. 

    By investing in a modern switchboard now, you safeguard your home against potential electrical hazards and position yourself to reap long-term benefits in terms of efficiency. This proactive approach to your home’s electrical needs ensures you stay ahead, ready for the future with confidence.

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    Testimonials From Our Valued Highett Melbourne Clients


    The Team at Lexity are very friendly, super helpful & and all round pleasure to deal with. I’ve called them out for assistance with our ducted heating unit several times and Jesse has been such a great help. Really informative & just down to earth, nice people. Couldn’t recommend them more!!
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    Madeleine Marshall


    On time, with expert advice and diagnosis of the problems. Keiran, Josh and Jess were easy to work with and explained the logic of their solutions in a practical way and were patient with my questions. We had multiple pieces of work done efficiently and professionally. Would recommend.
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    Judy & Craig Coulson


    Kieren and the team were on point and true to their vision of being a customer focused service company. From start to finish, the service with assessing and installing a replacement evaporative cooling system was so seamless and couple that with the knowledge and impressive communication, I highly recommend the services of Lexity.
    Testimonials | Lexity Plumbing & Electrical

    Doris Jones

    Take the first step toward a safer, more efficient home by contacting Lexity for a switchboard upgrade.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of a switchboard upgrade depends on various factors, including the complexity of the installation and the specific requirements of your home. We provide transparent pricing and detailed quotes to ensure you understand all costs involved.

    Older switchboards without safety switches or with outdated fuse systems can be unsafe. If you’re unsure about the safety of your switchboard, it’s best to have it assessed by a professional electrician.

    Yes, upgrading to a modern switchboard can improve energy efficiency. Newer switchboards are better equipped to handle the electrical demands of contemporary appliances, reducing the risk of power wastage and inefficiency.

    Upgrading your switchboard can increase your home’s value by enhancing its safety, efficiency, and readiness for modern electrical demands. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially if you plan to sell your property in the future.