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Surge Protection


Protect Your Expensive Electrical Appliances From Electrical Surges


Unless experienced, the damage electrical surges can cause is often unknown. An electrical surge is a spike in the power (often caused by lighting storms). When this happens, it can push too much electricity into your appliances and devices. This can potentially destroy expensive equipment in your home, including your computer, television and basically anything else that is connected to a powerpoint.

We Supply & Install The Best!


It’s important to have quality protection against surges. We have licensed electricians who can install the latest surge protectors. One surge is all it takes, and the effects can be devastating.

What Can You Do To Protect?


We can organise one of our fully licensed Lexity Electricians to assess your property and come up with the best solution to protect your home from surges. If you have important and expensive devices in your home, the best option is to protect yourself now, before it’s too late.

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