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Besides causing extra damage to surrounding areas, leaking taps can cause numerous problems for households. The persistent and annoying noise of dripping water from leaking taps can cause disruptions in sleep and sanity. If leaky taps are not repaired in time, repair and maintenance costs can quickly escalate.

When the tap is turned off, the water flow of the tap is stopped by the washer seals within taps. Repeated use of taps causes the wear and tear in these seal washers. With the passage of time, seal washers get torn, stiff or completely dislodge. At this stage, taps start leaking and require repair and maintenance. If leaks are not repaired timely, dripping water can cause corrosion. Due to this corrosion, you have to apply greater force to turn the tap on and off. Ultimately, corrosion can damage the valve seat making the tap irreparable. In addition, persistent dripping of water from several leaking taps can waste huge quantities of water daily, increasing your bills. Hence, as soon as you notice a slight leak in any of your taps, immediately contact Lexity for repairing.

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Why Should You Use Lexity For Repairing Leaking Taps?

Lexity offers an excellent leaking taps repair service in Melbourne that can save you from all the frustration and extra costs. Lexity’s trained staff are equipped with all the tools necessary for a quick replacement of leaking taps. In addition to replacing or maintenance of the leaking taps, Lexity’s staff can help you identify taps that have been damaged but have not yet started leaking. Thus, you can replace these taps timely to avoid frustration in the future.

Since four different types of taps have been installed in Australian homes, Lexity staff can repair a wide range of taps including most commonly used taps: washer taps, ceramic disc taps, mixer taps, flexi hoses, etc. But the first priority of our staff is to repair the existing taps. But if existing taps cannot be repaired, our staff replace the leaking taps with brand new high quality and modern taps. In addition to repair and maintenance services, Lexity also offers sourcing services for choosing right taps for the right look of your home.

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