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If you smell gas from a potential leak, you should open the windows of your house immediately (possibly even leave), and ask the gas supplier to disconnect the gas supply to your house. As early as possible, you should seek professional help. Besides the obvious health hazards, gas is extremely inflammable and can cause injury or even death to occupants should it ignite. Therefore, you should never take a gas leakage lightly nor try to fix it on your own. Gas leakage repairs can only be undertaken by licensed professionals.

There are several reasons for gas leaks. Common reasons include wear and tear of fittings, rusting of pipes, improper installations or loose joints of gas fittings. Common signs include smell, hissing sound, dead vegetation near the pipeline, intermittently extinguishing of burner flames, high gas bills without excessive consumption, and no hot water.

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Why Should You Use Lexity For Gas Fittings & Gas Leak Detection?

Whether you need gas equipment installation, or any service related to gas leak testing, detection or repair, Lexity offers 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year continuous and premier service for the residents of Melbourne. Furthermore, Lexity also offers regular gas line inspection, natural-gas water heater repair and maintenance, gas fireplace repairs, and gas line installations for cook-tops.

Our experienced and trained staff are committed to solving your gas problems on the same day. However, the initial stage of locating the precise location of a gas leak can be challenging. But the Lexity experts are equipped with modern gas detection equipment such as universal gas detector meters. Furthermore, we have all spare parts so that repairs can be made quickly. Once the precise leak location has been identified, our experts assess the damaged to the leaking pipe. If the pipe is lightly damaged or the gas leak is only due to a faulty connection, our experts offer cost-effective and low priced solutions for repairs. However, if the pipes are irreparable, the whole pipe may be needed to be replaced, in which case, Lexity provides no-obligation quotes. Once, you approve the quote, our experts get to work!

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