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Burst Pipes And Water Leaks

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Water Leak and Burst Pipes Repair


There are several reasons why water pipes burst and flood your building. In Melbourne winter, when the water can freeze, it expands and exerts tremendous pressure on pipes, ultimately rupturing them. Sometimes clogs block the pipes to such extent that blocked water puts a lot of strain on the pipes. Some people then use chemicals to open clogs in the blocked pipes, but such chemicals can slowly deteriorate pipes through rusting. In other cases, underground roots clinch the pipes and ultimately break them apart.

Whatever reason may be for your pipe’s rupture, results can be devastating for the building, house, and health of occupants. If the water pressure in your house suddenly drops, or your water bills increases, or walls or other portions of your building suddenly get soaked with water, you must immediately close the main water supply valve and without any delay seek professional assistance from qualified, experienced, and licensed plumbers.

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Why Should You Use Lexity For Burst pipes and Water Leak Repairs?

Burst pipes and water leakage can significantly damage property, decreasing its market value and posing serious health issues to occupants. Lexity fully understands that if water leaks are not repaired at the earliest opportunity, fungus and molds can infest the building as a result. The pores of fungus and molds spread rapidly and then survive even in harsh conditions. If not dealt with quickly and properly, the fungus can soon become a perpetual and hard to deal problem. These molds have the potential to even taint uncovered food.

Therefore, throughout Melbourne, Lexity provides 7 days a week, 12 months a year, continual maintenance and repair services for all burst pipes and water leakages.

With years of experience and practical training, licensed and qualified experts at Lexity use modern technology and equipment for prompt detection of any water burst pipes and water leakage. Equipped with modern technology and pride of performance, Lexity experts provide unmatched service in repairing burst pipes and water leaks in Melbourne.

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