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Blocked toilets are the most common plumbing problems for every household. Toilet blocks should not be neglected – with time, these blocks can become worse and soon some serious stench can pervade your house. In most of the cases of blocked toilets, households are able to unblock the toilet themselves. However, sometimes overwhelming quantities of non-flushable materials, diapers, plastic bags, debris and several other materials clog the toilets to such a degree that it is impossible for house owners to restore the normal working of the toilets without seeking professional support.

There are several early symptoms that can help you identify a lurking toilet block – listen to gargling sounds or if there is a smell after flushing, probably your toilet is very near to a blockage.

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Why Should You Use Lexity’s Toilet Unblocking Services?

In Melbourne, Lexity is top rated and the best specialised professional service provider to restore the working order of clogged toilets. Lexity understands that toilets are used daily so blocks are needed to be cleared within minimal time. Hence, Lexity operates 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, offering a same-day service to unblock all kinds of toilet and sink blocks. Above all Lexity offers services at very competitive rates. Furthermore, our services are totally guaranteed so that our customers have peace of mind. The Lexity team has great experience in unblocking some of the stubborn blocked toilets in domestic and commercial facilities. The Lexity team is fully equipped with modern equipment such as water jets, CCTV drain equipment, and other modern tools.

Using these modern tools, the Lexity experts fully understand the nature of any tough blockage. We can use CCTV equipment to survey the drain for identification all the blockages, and once the block has been identified, our experts use high-pressure jetting systems along with other mechanical equipment to remove obstructions. In addition to unblocking, the Lexity team also specialises in fixing broken toilets, repairing toilet valves, cisterns, and water tanks.

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