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Carbon monoxide testing is an essential part of making sure your gas heater is not putting your family in danger.

Here at Lexity, our experienced and professional team perform carbon monoxide testing free of charge with every service of an appliance. Lexity’s heating service and repair team perform all testing to the Energy Safe Victoria testing guidelines.

Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer

You can’t see it, smell it or taste it and you could be exposing your whole family to this danger.

A simple service from Lexity’s expert heating and cooling team could potentially save the life of a loved one.

Lexity’s heating and cooling technicians undertake the following procedures in a service:

  • Inspect gas fittings on requested appliances
  • Full carbon monoxide (CO) testing ensuring there is zero spillage
  • Thoroughly cleaning out burners, pilots, fans, flame sensors and more
  • Pilot light ignition (we are also more than happy to show you how this is done)
  • Inspect and check thermostat is working correctly
  • Inspect and clean return are filter if one is fitted (we can also show you how to clean this on a more regular basis)
  • Check inlet gas pressure and burner operating pressures
  • Check that the appliance is running efficiently and safely
  • Check heat exchangers for any splits or defects that could be or become dangerous

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The team at Lexity are experienced and fully licensed. We believe in continual learning to ensure our tradesman are always up to date with training, procedures and the current laws.
We always clean up after ourselves. We even wear slip on boot protectors to keep your floors clean and tidy! Lexity have aimed to put a stop to the average untidy tradesman that will walk muddy footprints through your home.
We have produced strict quality control systems that all our tradesman follow. After all, why should you have to clean up OUR mess? We’ll leave your property better than we found it!

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