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Emergency Exit Light Testing


A lot of business don’t realise that it is mandatory to perform an exit/emergency test every 6 months in all workplaces. We need to test our exit signs and emergency lights in case the power goes out or worst case, in the event of a fire. When the lights go out, it becomes very dark. If the workplace fills with smoke, your clients and staff need to evacuate the building safely. If exit signs or emergency lights were not working, how would the evacuate safely? No wonder this is a legal requirement!

How It Works

Exit and emergency lights run off hardwired power and also on a back-up battery. This means when the power goes out, the exits and emergencies will automatically flick over to battery power.

melbourne exit emergency testing

What If My Exit/Emergency Lights Fail?

If your exits or emergencies do happen to fail, we will simply need replace it to comply with the safety standards.

How We Can Help

The Australian regulations state that to pass the test, the battery needs to last longer than 90 minutes. Our Lexity Electricians will arrive at your facility, simply cut the power to your exit and emergency lights and then run the 90-minute test. We keep an exit/emergency test log book at your facility so you know what has previously failed the test and also when your next test is due. We also keep a customer database that will automatically send you a reminder when your next test is due, so you can focus and what you do best. We’ll take care of it for you.

How long since your last Exit/Emergency Test? Sign up to our preventative maintenance program and we’ll keep on top of it for you. Call Lexity Today!

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