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Switchboards, also known as fuse boxes, is the where all your electricity in your home distributes from. Your power from the street will come into your switchboard and then distribute out to all your lights, powerpoints and appliances etc.
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The Importance of a High Quality Switchboard

Having a high quality switchboard is imperative. Older switchboards tend to have fuses, which when there is too much power drawn, they blow. And this means you will need to replace the whole fuse. This can take a while for the fuse wire to burn out and can be a fire hazard.

With a modern switchboard, we install safety switches and circuit breakers. So if there is too much power drawn, the circuit breaker will detect it and automatically switch off, protecting the cable from overheating.

Our team of highly trained local electricians provide and install reliable switchboards across Melbourne.

The Importance of Safety Switches


Prevention of Electric Shocks

Safety switches monitor the electrical current flow through a circuit and instantly shut off the power if they detect a leakage current to earth, which could occur if someone touches a live component.

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Mitigation of Fire Risk

Safety switches can identify potentially dangerous electrical faults that might not be evident until it's too late—cutting off the power before these issues can lead to overheating or sparks that ignite fires.


Protection for Appliances and Electronics

Fluctuations and faults in electrical supply can damage sensitive electronics and appliances. Safety switches help safeguard these items by immediately isolating any fault preventing surge-related damages.

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Compliance with Safety Regulations

Installing safety switches in residential and commercial properties is often mandated by electrical safety standards and regulations. Compliance ensures the safety of occupants and protects property owners from legal liabilities in the event of electrical accidents.

Emergency Repair Services, Day or Night!

We understand that if your switchboard is not working properly, nothing else will work properly! So if you happen to have a problem with your switchboard, power or lights in you home whether its day or night, don’t stress! We are open 24/7 and with our emergency rapid response plan, one of our friendly electricians will be there within 3 hours of your enquiry to help sort it out.

Is your switchboard old or unsafe? Are you having problems with fuses blowing or circuit breakers and safety switches tripping? Our friendly electricians are always available to help you from across Melbourne.

Why Choose Our Electricians for Safety Switch Installation?

Licensed & Qualified Electricians

All our electricians are licensed and certified to perform any electrical work, complex or simple.

Prompt Responses

We are proud of our team’s high responsiveness to our customer's needs. We ensure we promptly address any concerns or issues.

Experienced and Professional

Our electricians are highly experienced and professional.

Affordable Rates

We give a fixed price to our customers based on the electrical work before the work starts.

What Our Happy Clients Say


Pj and Jack came out to my home quite promptly, for a water leak in my bathroom area. They were very upfront and honest and got the leak fixed that day. Highly recommend Lexity
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Very pleased with drainage work done. Josh, Ezra & others explained clearly what they were doing & answered all questions.They worked efficiently & were polite & respectful at all times. Would definitely recommend Lexity to others.

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Had water pipes replaced due to severe blockage, they were excellent to deal with, will definatley use them again.
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FAQs for Safety Switch Installations

Safety switches are crucial for protecting individuals from electrical shocks and lowering the risk of electrical fires. They provide an additional layer of safety that circuit breakers or fuses alone cannot offer, ensuring the well-being of everyone on the premises.
The number of safety switches required depends on the size and complexity of your electrical system and specific regulations in Melbourne. Generally, it’s recommended to have a safety switch for each circuit to ensure comprehensive protection. Our team can assess your needs during the consultation.
No, a licensed electrician should always carry out safety switch installations. Incorrect installation can lead to device malfunction and potentially leave your property unprotected against electrical hazards. When it comes to electricity, inadequate work can lead to hazardous situations.
It is recommended that safety switches be tested every three months to ensure they are operating correctly. This can be done by pressing the ‘test’ button on the switch. However, for a more thorough inspection or if you notice any issues, you can contact us at Lexity.
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