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Home Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation Service


An inexpensive option to cooling the house down during a scorching Summer is to install ceiling fans in your home. These are perfect for bedrooms as they will send a constant cool breeze throughout the room, making it a lot easier to sleep during those warm nights.

Great Options For Convenience

Ceiling fans come with a lot of great options to make it a lot more convenient for the consumer. The standard ceiling fan will come with or without a light and will be controlled on a wall with a speed dial. Simply turn the light on or off (if it has one) and then adjust the speed with the dial on the wall. A great choice for fans without lights is to have LED downlights either side of the ceiling fans.

ceiling fan installation

Another option is to have a remote-controlled ceiling fan. This makes it very convenient as you don’t need to get out of bed if the room gets too cold throughout the night. They are battery operated remotes and come with a remote holder which we can mount on the wall so you remember where you placed it.

A common request is to have ceiling fans installed in outdoor areas. It can often become a bit stuffy under a pergola, so a ceiling fan will create that nice consistent flow of air to cool things down.

How We Do It

One of our friendly electricians will arrive at your home. We will discuss exactly where you would like your ceiling fans and the type and colour. We will then devise a plan and write you up a quote on the spot. Once approved, we will get straight into assembling the fan so you can enjoy the advantages of your cooler home. Oh and don’t worry about the mess, Lexity Electricians always clean up after themselves and leave your home better than we found it.

Is your ceiling fan old or not working? Would you simply like to have them installed in your home? Our friendly electricians are always available to help you from across Melbourne.

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