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We Service Brivis Brand

Brivis are one of Australia’s leading brands in the heating and cooling industry. They produce effective and reliable systems but just like anything, these systems need servicing on a regular basis and sometimes a repair or two. Lexity’s qualified technicians are highly trained with a lot of experience to make sure your gas ducted heater or evaporative cooler is running efficiently and effectively at all times. For the most reliable Brivis service team in Melbourne, call us at Lexity! Don’t become victim to a poorly operating heating and cooling system, call us at Lexity to enjoy the benefits of an effective gas ducted heating system in the cold months and that relief of a cool breeze in those warm months from your evaporative cooling system.

Brivis gas heater services can include:

– cleaning burners, pilot flame, sensors and fan.

carbon monoxide testing as per Energy Safe Victoria requirements

– checking heat exchangers for defects that could be or become dangerous

– checking inlet and operating gas pressures

– checking/cleaning return air filters

– inspecting gas fitting

– pilot ignition

– checking for correct temperature rise at outlets

Brivis evaporative cooling service can include;

– cleaning reservoir/tank, fan, sensors, pad/filters, pump

– disinfecting unit for a cleaner air supply

– ensuring fresh water is in tank

– checking for mold

– testing air flow

– showing you easier ways to ensure your cooling system is operating as effective as possible

All of Lexity’s technicians use up to date OH&S procedures to ensure your service is as simple and streamlined as possible. We ensure we clean up our own mess. We even wear slip on boot protectors to make sure we don’t scratch or leave muddy foot prints behind us.

Get your Brivis units serviced with us at Lexity today to see the difference for yourself!

Lexity are fast becoming Melbourne’s go to company for any electrical, plumbing or heating and cooling issues. Don’t hesitate to call us today.

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