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We Service Bonaire Brand

Bonaire have been regarded as one of Australia’s best heating and cooling manufactures, Bonaire are Australian made which means we can trust there reliability and functionality.

Bonaire are apart of the climate technology group which includes brands like Vulcan, Pyrox, Celair  and more.

Bonaire offer some of the highest efficiency heating, evaporative cooling and spilt systems which SAVES YOU MONEY!!!!

Lexity’s trained technicians can service, repair or install your Bonaire system.

Servicing Bonaire heaters can include;

  • Cleaning out burners
  • Cleaning/checking pilots & flame sensors
  • Checking gas pressures
  • Carbon Monoxide testing ensuring there is a zero reading
  • Cleaning/checking filters
  • Cleaning/checking fans
  • And more

Servicing Bonaire coolers can include;

  • Cleaning pads, reservoir/tank, casing & fan.
  • Disinfect unit
  • Ensuring fresh water is in the tank
  • Testing airflow
  • Ensuring you know how to use your cooler to its maximum efficiency
  • And more

Lexity have fully stocked vehicles in the aim to fix your heating or cooling issues there and then.

We understand how difficult it can be when your heating or cooling system breaks done this is why we aim to get your system up and running asap.

For the best bonaire service and repair team call Lexity today!

See the difference for yourself!

Lexity also offer electrical and plumbing services!!

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