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Test It Tuesday

Test It Tuesday Campaign | Lexity

Test It Tuesday is a new campaign to encourage everyone to take one brief moment every Tuesday, to test all of their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. This could be a life saving 30 seconds. We would like to see this campaign spread throughout homes and businesses in the country!

The Silent and Invisible Killer

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas that has no colour, taste or smell. This makes it impossible to detect without the use of a specific alarm.

Carbon monoxide alarms are audible, making a loud noise if any of the deadly gas is present. One must be installed for each fuel-burning electrical appliances within your home. This will include all stoves, heaters, boilers, etc.

This is what Lexity had to say on the matter, with our outreach UK partner Sweep Smart:

“Carbon monoxide, you cant see it, smell it or taste it this is why it has been named the silent killer. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that can be produced in a home from gas appliances and flues that are faulty, incorrectly installed, unmaintained or are inadequately ventilated.

Homes are constantly becoming more efficient by reducing the rate air can be exchanged from inside to outside. In addition to becoming more energy efficient homes are having more powerful exhaust fans installed in bathrooms and range hoods in kitchens. The mix of less air entering the property and a stronger suction from exhaust fans can cause what is called a negative pressure within the home between internal and external environments. When a negative pressure is present it can then suck combustion gases including carbon monoxide (CO) back down the flue and in to the home having a deal effect.”

If you have any concerns about carbon monoxide, a simple service could save lives. Lexity’s heating service and repair team perform all testing to the Energy Safe Victoria testing guidelines.

Lexity also does free of charge carbon monoxide testing with every service of an appliance.

Help Us Spread Test It Tuesday throughout Australia!


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