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Smart Bathroom Fittings & Accessories for 2023

Smart Bathroom Fittings & Accessories for 2023 | Lexity


In the world of smart bathroom fittings and accessories, innovations are made to make our daily lives easier. The bathroom is used by most of us at least three to four times a day, so it’s important to feel comfortable there.

These innovative innovations are designed for smart bathrooms in commercial buildings and homes, including new bathroom accessories and improved plumbing fittings.

1. Electronic Mirror Defoggers

foggy mirror with eyes showing

Don’t you hate the mist that lingers on your bathroom mirrors? Do you wish there was something you could do about it? With mirrors that are equipped with defogging technology, you can get a clear reflection instantly.

Mirror defoggers are often seen as underrated or gimmicky. The reality is that they are increasingly becoming a standard expectation in homes. We believe that they are going to make a strong statement in 2023! What do you think?

2. Smart LED Mirrors

Some digital mirrors include voice control or sensor technology to make life easier. They include information such as the weather, time, date, news, and even videos that overlay their reflections. Touch-screen displays are available on some high-end interactive smart mirrors.

There is a wide range of smart mirrors available in Australia. From a small personal mirror to a whopping 40″ LED Mirror with Bluetooth from Englaon. Master your morning today!

3. Waterproof Screens and TVs

There are waterproof LED televisions with high-definition touchscreens that fit seamlessly into bathrooms. They usually have waterproof speakers, which enhance the acoustic experience. You can place them adjacent to a toilet seat, bathtub, or shower for easy viewing.

4. Programmable Showers

Using a programmable shower, you can control the temperature and duration of the water run, allowing you to save water.

Among the latest innovations in programmable showers is the voice-activated control feature. Start your day with efficiency and ease.

With some programmable showers, you can also adjust the steam’s temperature. Several digital showers also offer Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favourite music while getting ready.

5. Smart Toilet

smart toilet in modern bathroom

Each smart toilet has a unique feature, though all are designed for convenience. With smart toilets today, you can adjust the amount of water you flush depending on how much water you need.

There are also built-in bidets with various water options to promote proper hygiene. Bidets are also a measure of reducing the risk of a blocked toilet.

Besides the bidet, there’s also a drying feature with hot and cold air options, so there’s no need to worry about running out of toilet paper.

Smart toilets can also come with anti-microbial seats and a self-cleaning feature that uses water pressure and a cleaning agent to clean away dirt and germs. Similarly, some smart toilets come with built-in sensors that detect plumbing leaks, so you don’t have to worry about putting off plumbing problems until they become more serious.

The latest smart toilets even offer spa-like features such as heated seating, foot warmers, Bluetooth speakers, and air & water massages.

6. Smart Faucets

Having a smart faucet in your home is one of the most useful smart-home devices you can have.

With improved hygiene, time-saving convenience, and increased efficiency for daily water usage, a high-quality smart faucet can make your life much easier.

In the best smart faucets, you’ll be able to activate the water with voice commands, by touch, or by a motion sensor without touching the faucet. Many newer models allow you to set your own presets, such as talking to your faucet to receive precisely measured or tempered water when cooking.


As you can see, there are many emerging technologies that we will see more frequently in homes. The modern home is changing rapidly and with it comes more convenience and features than we expected.

Some of these technologies may become commonplace, and some may be passing fads. What do you think?


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Smart Bathroom Fittings & Accessories for 2023

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