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How Often Should I Service My Gas Log Fire

How Often Should I Service My Gas Log Fire | Lexity

Gas log fires can make a wonderful addition to any Australian home. As well as looking decorative and adding a sense of cosiness to your property, a gas log fire can heat a room quickly and efficiently. Given the fact that Australian homes are often surprisingly cold during winter, a gas fire could help keep the chills at bay.

When it comes to looking after a gas log fire, it is worth noting that they require relatively little maintenance. This is great news if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to spare. However, you should still book a routine service for your fireplace every year or two.

Even if your gas log fire doesn’t look damaged, enlisting the services of a heating expert will ensure that your fire remains in top condition. In the long term, booking regular services will extend the life of your gas log fire and keep it looking clean and presentable.


Why should I book a service for my gas log fire?

Are you still wondering why your gas log fire requires servicing? Here are some of the key reasons to book an appointment today:


1. It will keep your fireplace working efficiently

Although gas log fires require little maintenance, failing to book a regular service could cause declining levels of efficiency. You may start to notice that your room doesn’t warm up as quickly as it used to, or that it doesn’t reach the toasty temperatures you once enjoyed.


2. It will help you avoid gas leaks

Sometimes, connections and valves in gas appliances can develop leaks. Booking a routine service will help you to address wear and tear, thereby preventing potentially dangerous leaks.


3. Your operative will clear up any dangerous debris

Gas log fires tend to develop a build-up of unsightly debris that sticks to the inserts of the appliance. As well as affecting the look of your fire, this debris could clog up vents and present serious health risks. Fortunately, routine check-ups include thorough cleaning services to prevent leaks.


4. Your operative will fix any ventilation issues

Your chimney should be assessed regularly to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in your home. Sometimes problems with damp can cause the chimney to deteriorate and crack. If air moves through these chimney cracks, the inhabitants of your property may be exposed to carbon monoxide fumes.

Remember – carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent risk that could cause serious health problems or even death. Booking regular services is the best way to avoid health complications!


5. Your operative will arrange the faux logs in your fireplace

If the logs in a gas log fire are displaced, an expert gas technician will need to rearrange them to ensure they are safely aligned.


What happens during a gas log fire service?

As you can see, enlisting the help of a licensed gas technician to evaluate the health of your gas log fire every two years will ensure your appliance runs at full capacity. But what happens during an inspection and service? Here are just a few tasks your experienced heating expert will complete when carrying out a service:

• Diagnose and obvious cracks or damage in the fireplace.
• Clean the air passage and fan of the fireplace.
• Run tests to ensure that the unit operates at maximum capacity.
• Check the gas pressure of the appliance.
• Clean the glass of the fireplace and reassemble any relevant parts.
• Test your carbon monoxide detectors to prevent dangerous leaks.


My gas log fire looks a little grimy. Do I need to call in the experts?

If your gas log fire is looking a little worse for wear, you may be wondering whether to enlist professional help. If you haven’t booked a service in the past two years, then you should absolutely call in the experts for a comprehensive check-up. If, on the other hand, your fireplace was serviced recently, you may be tempted to clean it yourself.

You should consult your owner’s manual before cleaning your fire, as this will include comprehensive information about how to get rid of debris and grime. Generally speaking, you can eliminate light deposits with soap and water. If, however, you’re unable to eliminate heavier deposits, we recommend calling your local trusted heating experts.


Choose Lexity for all your maintenance needs

Are you looking for a reliable heating expert to service your gas log fire? Look no further than Lexity. As one of Melbourne’s most trusted plumbing and electrical businesses, we’re proud to offer premium services to customers in and around the local suburbs. Whether your fire is visibly damaged, or you require a routine service, we’re happy to book you in at our earliest convenience. Don’t hesitate to call Lexity today on 1300 993 447!


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