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Gas Fireplace Servicing And Maintenance – What You Need To Know

Gas Fireplace Servicing And Maintenance | Gas Fireplace Service

Gas fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home. Not only do they provide instant warmth whenever it’s needed, but they also look absolutely fantastic. If you’ve got a gas fireplace, chances are you’re going to want it to work as efficiently and safely as possible, which is where servicing and maintenance come in.

Read on to discover what maintenance you need to do yourself, and what should be left to the professionals. We also list signs to look out for which could indicate your gas fireplace needs prompt servicing or repair.

Remember that a gas fireplace in poor condition has the potential to release lethal carbon monoxide into your home. Gas leaks may also be an issue, as components become worn. Use our recommended maintenance frequency schedule to optimize the safety of your gas fireplace appliance.


DIY gas fireplace maintenance

Whilst some maintenance tasks need to be carried out by a trained professional, there are some basic (yet important) tasks that homeowners can easily complete. These include:

– Cleaning the logs in the gas fireplace. Over time, the logs may become dusty. In addition, if your gas fireplace is vented, there’s the possibility that soot may build up on the logs. To clean the logs, simply wipe them over with a damp cloth. Don’t use detergent or other chemicals on your gas fireplace logs.

– Clean the glass. If your fireplace has a glass panel, it will need regular cleaning to look its best. This is best done by wiping the window with a cloth sprayed with a specialist window cleaning product. If you prefer a natural alternative, white vinegar works well as a window cleaner. Buff the window with sheets of old newspaper or a rag until it is dry to ensure maximum sparkle.

– Change the batteries in the fireplace. The flame effect in many gas fireplaces is achieved through the use of electric batteries. These should be changed every six months or so.

– Check the exterior of your fireplace for any visible signs of wear and tear.


When to call in a professional

Ideally, your gas fireplace should be professionally inspected every year. For landlords, it’s a legal requirement that gas fireplaces are inspected by a suitably qualified professional at least every two years.

In addition, if your gas fireplace starts displaying any of the behaviors listed below, it’s vital you get it professionally checked as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you don’t use a gas fireplace if you have any cause to suspect it’s not safe.


Warning signs to look out for include:

– The pilot light refuses to stay lit. Your gas fireplace should come with instructions to relight the pilot light, on the off-chance that it goes out. However, if it goes out repeatedly, or refuses to light, professional attention is needed.

– A build-up of soot. Although gas fireplaces do produce soot, if the ventilation and extraction system is working properly, the soot particles should be conveyed outside. If you notice a build-up of soot on the inside of the fireplace glass, or elsewhere on the fire, it could be a sign that the combustion process isn’t working as it should.

– There are any signs of a gas leak (a nasty smell and/or a hissing sound are the main signs).

– You frequently feel tired when spending time in the same room as the gas fireplace, or you frequently get headaches or feel as if you’re coming down with flu when the gas fireplace is switched on. Although there could be other explanations, these symptoms are typical of the early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

– The gas fireplace becomes less sensitive to the temperature control, or won’t switch on or off when you want it to.


What does professional gas fireplace servicing include?

As part of a professional servicing schedule, a qualified technician will:

– Inspect the chimney

– Inspect the glass

– Check the carbon monoxide detectors

– Clean the logs (if you haven’t been keeping on top of them)

– Vacuum out the interior of the gas fireplace

– Check the ignition system

– Inspect the entire fireplace for signs of wear and tear

In addition, if you’ve got any particular issues that are bothering you about your gas fireplace, the technician can answer your queries and perform additional checks to ensure everything is working as it should.


What are the benefits of regular servicing?

A gas fireplace service provides numerous benefits, including the peace of mind that comes from knowing your gas appliance is safe.
Other advantages include:

– A reduced risk of unexpected failure, with the worry of costly repairs

– The potential to increase the lifespan of your gas fireplace

– Preserving the physical appearance of your fireplace for as long as possible

Call the friendly, experienced team at Lexity now to book in your gas fireplace service.


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