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Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System

Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System | Lexity


There are several options on the market if you need a new aircon for the house.

But even though there are many modern options like portable ACs, the most popular choices remain ducted air conditioning and split system AC. One may think that choosing between only two options might be easy, and we’ll say it is – if you know what you want! Often, homeowners will select one only to find out that the type of air conditioner does not suit their home at all. 

As a user, you’ll need to consider cost, energy consumption, maintenance, and a few other factors to buy a product you won’t regret. To help you make this decision, we’ve compared ducted air conditioners with split system models in detail-


Ducted Air Conditioning 


The ducted air conditioner has its unit hidden out of view, mostly installed in the ceilings of the room. You can say this is a centralized cooling system that consists of air ducts or openings on the roof for each room. Usually, these different units have sensors, and all of them are connected to one main central unit.


Split System 


The split system air conditioner is named after the two separate units that make the complete device. The component that actually delivers air into the room is attached externally to a wall, while the other can be fixed outdoors or anywhere else.

Both these components connect to each other via a pipe because the external unit sends refrigerant gas to the internal unit for cooling indoors. If anyone wants to install multiple split AC units, they will need to purchase separate indoor units to install in each room.


Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System – Which One Is Better?


When it comes to cooling air, the ducted air conditioning, split system, hybrid AC, or any other types do an equally good job. However, there are a few differences in functioning, price, and placement in the house, which might make one option more appealing to you.

Let’s see a quick comparison of these two types of air conditioners so that you can ultimately decide which one is best for your home-


1. Performance

The type of house, its levels, and the number of rooms will play a role in the type of air conditioner you should buy. If the home has several rooms and floors, cooling the air using a ducted air conditioner may be better.

Ducted ACs are more stable and robust, which means they wear well with age and do not bear damage easily. Since they are the more powerful type, ducted air conditioners do not get burned out even after peak performance. Thus, using such a model will reduce the chances of spending extra on repair and replacement work. 

Apart from that, they deliver a steady stream of air that distributes into the room much more evenly. Ducted ACs also do not distract household members with unnecessary noise.

However, if you have fewer and smaller rooms, a split system AC should be good enough for cooling certain spots. They fit well in a small home, cool comparatively faster, and are easier to control. But, you will have to purchase separate internal units for each room.


2. Cost Of Purchase

It’s no secret that ducted systems tend to cost more than their split system counterparts. In fact, the installation alone could take a huge chunk of your budget. On the plus side, ducted models are more reliable, need lesser maintenance, and are cost-effective when it comes to energy consumption. 

Newer models with zone ducts allow you to control which rooms to cool instead of applying the same temperature to the entire home. However, split systems are budget-friendly and come with the option to choose the size you need for each room. Also, when you need cooling for only a room or two, the split system will be a sensible choice. 

Additionally, if the split system aircon needs repairs, the overall repair and replacement costs will be cheaper. 


3. Cost Of Using

Air conditioners can ramp up the electricity bill, and many homeowners are concerned about the costs involved in the regular usage of ACs. If you want to save money, the split systems are hands down the better option because they contribute to lower electricity bills. Comparatively, installation and maintenance do not cost much either.

While that sounds like an attractive offer, split system air conditioners are limited in performance and may not cool the area as effectively. When it comes to ducted options, they can take twice or thrice as much energy for running the same number of hours per day. You may want to invest in this system despite the cost if you don’t want to compromise on cooling a large house. 

But, be prepared to spend extra on electricity bills, installation, repairs, and replacements. 


4. Space Required

If you are planning to get a ducted air conditioner, the ceiling should have enough space for fitting the system. Similarly, the external part of split ACs also needs a place to sit at the ground level. So, figure out where you are going to place the device before finalizing a purchase.

The outdoor unit can be noisy, so it’s better to place where it won’t disturb anyone. While the split system’s indoor unit can be placed anywhere on the wall, strategize a location that optimizes cooling while maintaining the aesthetic of your home.


Final Words


Whether you choose ducted air conditioning, split system, or any other model, these main points are crucial to remember before purchase.

As for which option is better, it depends on what you need from an AC. If you have small rooms and a tight budget, go for split system air conditioners because they will also cost less to maintain. 

However, if you do not want to compromise on the cooling factor and aren’t worried about higher bills, you can opt for ducted air conditioners. 


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