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7 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repairs

7 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repairs | Lexity

Foundation Repairs


Foundation repairs can be a daunting prospect and it can sometimes be tempting to credit a certain crack in the brickwork or an ominous window frame separation as other issues unrelated to the foundation. However, these decisions can mean that small underlying foundation issue warning signs are allowed to worsen.

Once this happens, you could be facing massive foundation damage which is likely to cost much more than it would have done had you contacted a professional to repair the first sign of damage.

To save your home and your wallet, Lexity have put together this guide to seven of the most common signs that your home needs foundation repairs.


1. Exterior cracks

If you have noticed small cracks that may look fine or hairline in the exterior walls of your home then these are usually not a cause for concern and simply the wear and tear of an Australian home in the weather.

However, large and zig-zag patterned cracks could be a sign that something is going wrong with your home’s foundations.

Moreover, if you notice cracks in your bricks or bricks that are jutting out of your wall, then you should get in touch with someone to check your foundation.


2. Interior cracks

Small cracks are usually something non-threatening on the exterior walls but any crack, big or small, vertical or horizontal, are something to get checked out. Cracks in your flooring or on basement walls must always be checked out as they usually indicate something more sinister with your foundation.

You should also get in touch with a professional if you notice that your wallpaper has started to pull away from your walls or if there are visible cracks where your wall and ceiling meet.


3. Bowing walls

When you notice bowing or curved walls in any room of your house, but especially in the basement, this is not a good sign. Should you notice this, it is most likely an indication that there is something wrong with your foundation that must be checked out immediately by a professional.

This is an immediate risk that could result in plaster or structure tearing away from the wall and potentially endangering others in your home, especially pets and children.


4. Sagging and uneven flooring

Over time, floors may become gradually uneven. Because this can occur slowly, often the homeowner will not be aware of how out of control the issue has become. A simple way to check this is to pour out a glass of water on the floor you suspect is slanting and see if it rolls quickly in any direction.

You should also be wary of bouncy floors that feel like a trampoline as these could indicate rotten wood below the carpet or flooring as well as foundational trouble.


5. Doors out of square

It’s quite normal for houses to shift and settle over the years and you may notice that your door no longer fits as it once did. However, if you notice that your door is incredibly out of square of the door frame or perhaps there are cracks visible in the wall directly above the door jamb, you should consider having both looked at.

If the foundation in your home has shifted, you might also notice that the door has become stuck in a position, moves more stiffly, or has come off its hinges altogether.


6. Nails popping from drywall

On occasion, the slight movements and shifts of a home’s foundation can cause nails to pop right out of drywall, leaving indentations within the structure. You may be tempted to simply knock these nails back into place and think nothing of it but it’s crucial you do not ignore this subtle indication of an underlying issue with your home’s foundation.

Get in touch with a professional about potentially investigating the issue for foundational damage and the need for repair.


7. Leaning fixtures and walls pulling away from the house

When a home’s foundation is unstable, fixtures (such as walls and chimneys) can start to lean or even pull away from the structure of the house. If you notice something like this, you need to immediately call in a contractor or professional to see to the house. Without direct attention, the wall pulling away from the house could collapse.

At this point, the house will require substantial repairs to the foundation and any delay to this could lead to further extensive deterioration of the property and endangerment of all within it.

For all of your foundation repair needs, contact Lexity: Melbourne’s most trusted plumbers and electricians. We’re here to help. Give us a call and speak to our customer service team today about your home’s foundations.


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